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With the first day of spring right around the corner, warmer days are upon us. That means more time outside and in the pool. That also means more pool maintenance and care. We talked with Jeff’s Pool and Spa Service’s Shannon Sellers, Pleatco Perfect Pool Gal Winner, on how to get your pool ready for summer and how you can keep it your own backyard oasis all season long!

Golden Isles Moms: What are a few steps home owners can take themselves to initially prepare their pools for the summer?

Shannon Sellers: Equipment and cleaners should be inspected for any leaks or broken parts. Have your water tested and adjusted accordingly. If the pool is clear, you should give the entire pool a good brush, empty all pump and skimmer baskets, increase run time and sanitation levels. If the pool is green, all the debris should be removed and the pump should run for 24 hours until it’s clear along with heavy shocking with algaecide, brushing and keeping the filter clean or just call Jeff’s Pool Service.

GIM: How long should it take to do weekly pool maintenance?

SS: Weekly Maintenance should only take less than an hour. Maintenance is a preventative and as long as you are doing weekly maintenance, you can prevent repairs or green pools.

GIM: How long should the filter run for during the hot summer months?

SS: The filter should run 10-12 hours during swim season. The filter can’t do its job if it’s not running and during swim season that demand is much higher than off season.

GIM: What test kits should be done and how often?

SS: Testing should be done at least once a week of all parameters during swim season. Protect your family and investment by testing weekly.

GIM: When and how should homeowners shock their pools? How long after can you return into the pool?

SS: Pool owners should shock their pool, assuming the pool is clear, once a week if we’ve had rain or if there was a high bather load that week. After a regular preventative shock you’re safe to swim in 45 minutes.

GIM: It seems the spring pollen is upon us. Do you have any tips for cleaning pollen from the surface of the pool?

SS: My favorite tip that seems to work the best is tennis ball. Throw a few tennis balls in your pool and the pollen will cling to the tennis ball, in a day or so rinse them off and throw them back into the pool to collect even more pollen.

GIM: For those of us who are pool novices and want some help, what type of maintenance programs do you offer?

SS: We offer a wide variety of both maintenance and repairs to fit every pool needs, whether it’s daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly we are here for your pool.

GIM: Any other tips for homeowners going into the hot summer months?

SS: Just remember filtration, circulation and sanitation and chlorine burns the trash and the filter removes the ash!

Jeff’s Pool and Spa Service services the Brunswick, St. Mary’s, and Fernandina Beach areas.Find out more about them on the webpage,, and follow them on Facebook @jeffspoolandspaservice and Instagram @jeffspoolandspaservice

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