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Meet Brelynn! Brelynn has been a Brunswick resident for 22 years and runs Coastal Benefits where she helps families navigate insurance! We love her love for all things Fast and Furious and can’t wait to try some of her go-to spots in the area!

What is your name? Brelynn  Dumortier

What Golden Isle do you call home and how long have you lived there? I have been in Brunswick for 22 years.

What do you love about living here?I love that its big enough to have a lot to do and lots of amenities but small enough that you can always find someone who knows someone.  Ya know?

How many children do you have and what are their names and ages?Grace is 13 and Annelise is 12

What’s one of your favorite mom resources (websites, groups, stores, etc.) in the area?Golden Isles Kids Consignment Sale.  Wish I had known about that when I have having to buy doubles of all baby things!  I often would sell more than I would buy!

What do you do for work and what’s the best part of your job? I help people figure out what health insurance and Medicare options work best for them.  I love when people leave my agency, Coastal Benefits, way less stressed than they came in or saying things like “well, that was easy!”  When I can ease that burden, it feels so good.  Plus, the 3 of us that work there are all moms, so we work together to make sure we can all meet our family and work obligations.  

What’s one thing people might be surprised to know about you?One of my besties and I go to see ALL of the Fast & Furious movies together.  I ❤ those movies!

What’s one way you relax when you need to “unwind”? Reading, being at the beach, and just hanging out with my family are all ways that help me relax.  Massages are always a good thing too!

What’s your best mom hack? It’s ok to not make an official meal once in awhile. Sometimes that one extra thing is too much, so I make sure they at least have a fruit, but they can eat anything else they want!

We love to support local! Can you tell us some of your favorites in the Golden Isles?
Family Dinner: Tacos Don Panchos
Drinks with Friends: Harris Steakhouse or Tipsy’s
Grab Coffee: Wake Up
Outdoor Activity: Riding bikes on Jekyll
Shop for the Kids: Rebecca’s Closet & Ross
Shop for Yourself: Target

Quick this or that…
Early Riser or Night Owl? Early Riser
Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Mountains or Beach? Mountain
Call or Text? Text
Toilet Paper…Over or Under? Over
Book or Movie? Book
Burgers or Tacos? Tacos
Shower or Tub? Shower
Facebook or Instagram? Facebook

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