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Meet Erica! Erica is a boy mom here in St. Simons and owner of The Tinted Tide pottery painting. Owning such a creative business she is surprisingly not a fan of many colors of the rainbow! Learn more about her and some of her Isles favorites below!

What is your name? Erica Gilman

What Golden Isle do you call home and how long have you lived there? I live on SSI and have been a full-time resident here since 2017.

What do you love about living here? I love the small-town vibe here more than anything. I’ve lived in lots of big cities, and even though there is a high volume of tourism here it doesn’t lack a small-town feel. You can find a friend anywhere you go, and get what you need through word-of-mouth super easily.

How many children do you have and what are their names and ages? My son Caspian is 3.5 years old and is an only-child.

What’s one of your favorite mom resources (websites, groups, stores, etc.) in the area? My favorite resource as a mom is Facebook. Local Facebook groups, like Golden Isles Moms, MOMS Club of SSI, St. Simons Island Moms etc. have offered me connections when I didn’t have many other ways to meet people. There are always new events and opportunities I’m discovering in these groups too! I also enjoyed being part of a nursing support group when my son was little. There is a group for just about every phase of motherhood it seems like!

What do you do for work and what’s the best part of your job? I own The Tinted Tide Pottery & Art Studio, and I love my job. Not only do I get to meet other moms, but I get to help them create special memories and gifts. What I love most is the family-friendly atmosphere we’ve been able to cultivate through having our own family as an active part of the studio.

What’s one thing people might be surprised to know about you? People might be surprised to know that I actually am not a fan of most colors of the rainbow. I like greens and blues but really dislike the colors yellow, purple, orange, and red. I have been particular about colors and things matching for as long as I can remember. Clothes, pottery, my living room- you name it. I love it when other people try brave new matches but I can’t bring myself to branch out.

What’s one way you relax when you need to “unwind”? I am a doer by nature. I don’t really enjoy having down time and like to be tackling my to do lists more than anything. Making lists might just be my favorite thing to do!

What’s your best mom hack? We currently live on a road where the trash can and mailbox is about a quarter mile down the driveway. We pretend that the road is a race track and we run/ bike down and back when it’s time to take out the trash or check the mail. It’s a great way to turn chores into a fun game!

We love to support local! Can you tell us some of your favorites in the Golden Isles?
Family Dinner: Fancy Q
Drinks with Friends: The Porch (especially on frosé Friday!)
Grab Coffee: I usually have this at home because I take it 50% full of creamer!
Outdoor Activity: Kayaking in Gould’s Inlet
Shop for the Kids: Old Navy or Target and Cutie Patooties for the non-play clothes
Shop for Yourself: Maggie from B.Lush

Quick this or that…
Early Riser or Night Owl? Night Owl
Coffee or Tea? Depends on the day
Mountains or Beach? Beach
Call or Text? Call
Toilet Paper…Over or Under? Over
Book or Movie? Movie
Burgers or Tacos? Burger
Shower or Tub? Shower
Facebook or Instagram? Facebook

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