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Meet Nicole! A Brunswick resident whose heart is in Jekyll, Nicole says Rebecca’s Closet is her saving grace!

What is your name? Nicole Fairfield

What Golden Isle do you call home and how long have you lived there? I call Brunswick home, but Jekyll has my heart, I have been here since 2007.

What do you love about living here? The Golden Isles 🥰 I love the sunshine and the marsh, I love the creeks and the river. We love Jekyll, we like Saint Simons it just has more people. We also love downtown Brunswick and Darien. So anything by the water. I also love the convenience of travel to get to the JAX and SAV airport, how close Florida is, and how easy it is to hop on I-95.

How many children do you have and what are their names and ages? I did have prior to 2018, three beautiful step daughters that I raised for 14 years. I have two boys. I had a miscarriage at 35 weeks, he was also a boy! So #boymom

What’s one of your favorite mom resources (websites, groups, stores, etc.) in the area? Rebecca’s Closet has been my saving grace since 2008.

What do you do for work and what’s the best part of your job? I used to teach at the YMCA, and prior to that the county! Loved it. I am now at a Pharmaceutical Wholesaler- best part is real money, medical and benefits

What’s one thing people might be surprised to know about you? I almost drown, I fell into the pool when I was 3 and vividly remember sinking to the bottom, peacefully, looking at the sun rays shine thru the water. Yet I love water and teach swimming.

What’s one way you relax when you need to “unwind”? I walk, or enjoy a bath with a glass of wine.

What’s your best mom hack?When my toddler puts something in their mouth and I ask them to open their mouth and they clamp down and shut it, I flip them upside down and ta da they open their mouth and I safely remove the item.

We love to support local! Can you tell us some of your favorites in the Golden Isles?
Family Dinner: Harris or Tipsy’s
Drinks with Friends: Tipsy’s or Toucans
Grab Coffee: Wake Up and Daddy Cate’s
Outdoor Activity: Biking on Jekyll
Shop for the Kids: Rebecca’s Closet
Shop for Yourself: Facebook Marketplace
Salon: Staceys Sterling Styles

Quick this or that…
Early Riser or Night Owl? Early Riser
Coffee or Tea? Tea
Mountains or Beach? Beach
Call or Text? Text
Toilet Paper…Over or Under? Over
Book or Movie? Book
Burgers or Tacos? Tacos
Shower or Tub? Tub
Facebook or Instagram? Instagram

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