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With the peak of hurricane season in the beginning of September quickly approaching, there are a few simple yet important steps you can take to protect your home and family before and during the storm. One important step is making sure your home is prepared and that includes the literal roof over your head. Golden Isles Moms sat down with Matt O’Rear, owner of Apex Roofing here in Georgia, to go over some safety tips on how to make sure your home is ready for the storm!

Golden Isles Moms: Matt, thanks so much for doing this and for helping families make sure there roof is hurricane ready!

Matt O’Rear: Happy to help!

GIM: As we go into the peak of hurricane season, what is the first step in preparing your roof for storm winds and rain?

Matt: That’s a great question. It sounds like a simple answer but go outside and look. I know you are not a roofer but take a glance for anything that might look funny or out of place. If so, call a professional. It shouldn’t cost you anything to have them come out and take a look to see if repairs need to be made.

GIM: That seems like an easy task! So once you have made sure that those problems if any are addressed, what next?

Matt: Next, you can take a look at your landscaping. Make sure branches are trimmed off your roof, double check to see if any trees need to be addressed and that any landscaping you may have is secure and won’t damage your roof during a storm.

GIM: Yes, those palm tree branches sure do love to creep up on the edge of the house! Is there anything home owners can do to prepare from inside?

Matt: Absolutely. Homeowners can go take a look at their ceilings from inside their home. Make sure there is no sign of leaks or water damage. Also look around your attic. This is a great spot to view the top of your home from the inside and address any issues prior to a storm.

GIM: That’s a great idea! Any other tips for our readers?

Matt: Yes, check the age of your roof. Whether you are the first owner or fifth you should know the last time your roof was repaired and/or replaced.

GIM: Yes, thank you Matt for helping with ours! You were so reasonable and professional!

Matt: Anytime! It’s also important to know that some insurance companies won’t cover damages if your roof is over 17 years old. Call your insurance company well in advance of any storm and ask about their policies.

GIM: That’s another great tip, Matt. And because all companies are different it really is important to check with your individual company. Well thanks so much Matt for taking the time to help homeowners prepare, we really appreciate it!

Matt: Of course! And if you ever have a question, call professional, I’m always happy to help!

Apex Roofing and Restoration is a locally owned and operated business in North Georgia with 20 years experience in roofing and restoration. They take pride in our honesty, safety, experience and quality of workmanship. We will take no shortcuts.

You can count on APEX for all your roofing and restoration needs, and you’ll be glad you called.

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